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How to brew our tea

Brewing tea is a social ritual the world over, whenever a visitor pops over, disaster strikes, a stranger needs comfort… It’s a vital ingredient in friendship and sharing.


In Japan and China, tea has even been elevated to an art form, with its own tea ceremonies and special equipment.


Fortunately, we can enjoy the relaxation and meditative benefits of a good cup of tea very simply. Many of us make a wonderfully fresh and fragrant brew by putting fresh mint leaves in a jug and pouring on boiling water.


Cindy’s Tea offers the same simplicity, using dried whole leaves that have even more nutrients, benefits and flavour than the fresh-picked plants, thanks to their higher concentration of essential oils. 


Have your own tea ceremony

Boil the kettle. If using a teapot, heat it with a slosh of boiling water, pour away. Put a generous pinch of Cindy’s Tea per person into your infuser (and one for the pot, if using a teapot). Pour on boiling water. Infuse for 2-5 minutes, depending on the tea and your desired strength (see pack). Remove infuser. Breathe in the scent, sit down, relax, enjoy.



How to brew Loose Leaf tea


how to brew loose leaf tea illustration


Tea filter


Tip: Herb tea looks beautiful as it’s brewing, with those swirls of colour (especially Ruby Mint). Clear glass teapots, mugs and cafetières are perfect for an all-sensory tea experience.

Apart from that, no rules! Try your tea with honey or milk if you like it. Some of our teas even taste great with gin or in puddings. See Lemony Ginger.

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