Get your oats!

Oats contain Vitamin D, magnesium, iron and potassium, and are full of protein. These all work together and make you feel fuller for longer, and release feel-good hormones. Oats help with sugar cravings, and may even help you sleep better. Porridge oats at breakfast are the Scottish classic, but I’m not a salt-and-water purist. I like mine with berry fruits, heather honey.

Vitamin D-time

Topping up on vitamin D is vital as the winter months start drawing in. With the sun lower, shorter days, and our habit of cuddling up indoors, it’s easy to end up with vitamin D deficiency. It’s one of the scourges of northern climes, and can make you feel glum. So what to do? Boost your diet with foods such as fish, mushrooms and egg yolk – all rich in Vitamin D. How about a kedgeree with smoked mackerel and mushrooms? And you can even spice it up with a little Herbal Chai.


Cindy’s Tea tonics

Drink more hibiscus! This deep red, fruity flower is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and can provide relief from digestive, immune and inflammatory problems.  Cindy’s Tea – Ruby Mint contains 40% Hibiscus, blended with aromatic Moroccan mint for a full-bodied everyday tea. Or if you need a burst of get-up-and-go, try Awake Tea, which has immune-stimulating, warming spicy herbs, including lungwort – a traditional remedy to boost lung circulation for fighting coughs and colds.