I made Deep Sleep Tea blend for myself at exam time. I was tired, but unable to sleep and turn my head off. I tried a few over-the-counter natural remedies. They tended to work for a couple of nights and then stopped being effective, leaving me groggy in the morning. My Sleep Tea continued to be effective, and became a nice evening ritual – I put on the kettle, put my books away for the day, and relaxed with a cup or two before bed. Valerian can be heavy by itself, so I blended it with linden, rose and lemon balm, which are mentally uplifting and help with tension and anxiety.

I added mint for taste, and also because mint helps with digestion and absorbing the other herbs. Chamomile is an age-old remedy for sleep. In Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit was famously given chamomile tea by his mother and put to bed! I’ve found this tea helps me sleep soundly and helps calm worries. I don’t wake up groggy, and it doesn’t lose its effect over time as your body doesn’t adapt to it.  Sleep Tea is one of my proudest moments in life! It has helped SO many people and also tastes delicious!

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