This tea came about almost as a challenge. A small, wry pig farmer came up to me at Scone Palace Country Show. He didn’t drink caffeine, and said all herbal teas he tried were foul! But he wanted a powerful energiser to get him moving in the mornings.  He was up at the crack of dawn until late at night. He wasn’t your average herb tea drinker, and wouldn’t be hoodwinked into listening to the benefits – he wanted to 'feel them'. He bet I didn’t have a tea that he would like and which would work, so of course, I took up the challenge.


He had a sweet tooth, and confessed to liking barley sugar sweets to keep him going, so I mixed ruby mint (hibiscus for blood sugar and endurance). To boost his immune system, I mixed in Immune Tea, which was a mixture of echinacea, pepper, ginger and lungwort. Being up at dawn, he needed an early morning boost. Ginger and pepper have a powerful circulatory effect – they’re used for rubs to combat cold weather – so they were added to give a caffeine-free punch and tongue-tingling flavour.


The result... I now have a troop of very unlikely herb tea drinkers who have Deep Sleep Tea at night and Awake Tea in the morning. 


awake tea loose

awake tea