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Loose leaf herbal tea by medical herbalist Cindy Ledgerwood
A lightly spiced sencha green tea bursting with natural anti-oxidants.
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MINTY SPICE SENCHA • regular pack

Loose tea in a resealable pack. Refill your caddy! 50 cups (60g).

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Loose tea in a resealable pack. Perfect for caterers and tea devotees: 400 cups (500g).


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Sencha green tea is widely prized for its anti-oxidants and light, smooth flavour, and it’s a popular healthy alternative to coffee or black tea. I’ve made it more exciting with aromatic mint and lemon myrtle, and a touch of mellow spices. This full-bodied tea stimulates the taste buds and makes a perfect digestif for after meals. Our blend is ideal for people who want the benefits of green sencha, but prefer a more robust-tasting, interesting tea.

Our tea blend

This luxuriously smooth sencha green tea is blended with mellow aromatics, including my favourite lemon myrtle, and a hint of liquorice. The result is a delicately spiced, flavoursome green sencha with a touch of natural sweetness and body. Marvellous!



Sencha green tea, spearmint, lemon myrtle, black pepper, safflower, ginger, cardamom, liquorice, cloves.


Black Pepper

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Fresh ginger is so rich in vitamin C that 5th century Chinese mariners ate it to ward off scurvy.

Lemon Myrtle

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Herbalists call liquorice an ‘adaptogen’, which means it’s a herb that helps us to physically and mentally adapt and survive in stressful situations.



Sencha Green Tea

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In Japan, sencha tea has its own special tea ceremony, called senchado – ‘the way of Sencha’.


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Spearmint is the true mint of mojitos.
Before fridges were invented, spearmint was sometimes added to milk, to lengthen the shelf-life and keep it from curdling.

how to brew loose leaf teahow to enjoy our tea

Infuse for 2-5 minutes, and enjoy hot or cold at any time of day.


Make this tea with the water just under boiling point.


Tip: Try it in puddings.



Green sencha tea in Japanese culture

Sencha tea has its own special tea ceremony called the senchado. While the traditional Japanese tea ceremony uses powered green tea or matcha, and is a formal affair, the senchado uses sencha loose leaf green tea, and is much more relaxed.

The sencha tea ceremony dates back to the Ming dynasty in the mid 17th century, and was introduced to Japan from China. It became popular as a symbolic rebellion against the formal tea ceremony favoured by the Japanese ruling classes.

More and more ordinary people adopted the sencha style of tea drinking, which was ideal for informally sharing a cup of tea with friends and family. This paved the way for today’s modern style of brewing and drinking tea.

Senchado means “the way of sencha”. In Japan today, being invited to “drink sencha” means the equivalent of invited for a tea or coffee.

Usually, green sencha green tea is drunk in small cups. Two cups are traditionally enjoyed – the first sweeter, the second slightly bitter.


medical herb Research

Here’s an overview of the many uses of green tea for health and wellness.




Drinking our tea is not a substitute for seeing a doctor.

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