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Loose leaf herbal tea by medical herbalist Cindy Ledgerwood
A relaxing poppy flower tea with chamomile and fermented blackberry leaves.
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RELAX WITH POPPY • regular pack

Loose tea in a resealable pack. Refill your caddy! 30 cups (30g).

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Poppy tea has a long tradition as a relaxing, soothing drink to help with anxiety and overthinking. Our Poppy Tea is expertly blended to help you relax and unwind, with added chamomile for calm. Liquorice is sweet and comforting, and also helps with digestion, making this a great after-dinner drink or evening nightcap.


Like all poppy teas, it may relax you deeply, and make you calm and mellow. We recommend that you don’t drink and drive, and enjoy instead as a delicious downtime brew.

Our tea blend

Exploring the fields of Romania, I came across a field of red poppies which inspired this unusual blend. Our Poppy tea is made from poppy heads from the ‘Remembrance’ or Common Poppy (Papaver rhoeas), and not the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum). I’ve blended mellow poppy with chamomile for refreshment, and fermented blackberry leaf, which adds a smoky richness. A touch of liquorice for extra body and sweetness gives you a wonderfully grounding, full-flavoured tea.



Red poppy petal (40%), chamomile, fermented blackberry leaf, liquorice.


chamomile icon

Camomile or chamomile? Both spellings are correct. For those who speak Latin, it’s Chamaemelum nobile.

Fermented Blackberry Leaf



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Herbalists call liquorice an ‘adaptogen’, which means it’s a herb that helps us to physically and mentally adapt and survive in stressful situations.

Red Poppy Petal

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Opium poppies feature on the Royal College of Anaesthetists coat of arms. Poppy seeds can lie dormant in the soil for over 80 years before germinating, which is usually triggered by disturbance of the soil. During the First World War, the battlefields were often churned up into a sea of mud, and left strewn with fallen soldiers. The contrast between this horrendous sight and the following flush of poppies seemed to be ‘healing’ the broken land.

how to brew loose leaf teahow to enjoy our tea

Drink hot. Infuse for 2-5 minutes, then kick off your shoes and relax!


Enjoy when you need a little calm. This tea is relaxing, but not soporific. Try our Deep Sleep Tea for night time.


Note: This poppy tea is not made from the opium poppy, but the Remembrance Poppy (Common Poppy).



Looking for calming teas to soothe your nerves?

Poppy is just one of several teas used around the world to help sooth anxiety and nerves. The beautiful Common Poppy (used to celebrate Remembrance) is related to the opium poppy, but has a different class of alkaloids, and is much milder in effect.


If you prefer a light, floral flavour, camomile tea is perfect. It can be enjoyed at any time of day, and is mild enough for children to drink.
If you’re looking for a sleep tea instead of simply a relaxing tea, try our Sleep Tea with valerian. Valerian tea dates back centuries as a treatment for insomnia – it’s even mentioned by the ancient Greek Hippocrates, the father of medicine! Nowadays, it’s widely used as a remedy for anxiety and stress.


Lemon balm is a member of the mint family, and its aromatic volatile oils are thought to help with anxiety, nerves and restless sleep. As the name suggests, it has a lemony flavour.


medical herb Research

Here’s an overview of medical research on the benefits of blackberry.

Drinking our tea is not a substitute for seeing a doctor.

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