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Loose leaf herbal tea by medical herbalist Cindy Ledgerwood
A reviving energy tea to boost your day with hibiscus flower and mint leaf.
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AWAKE TEA • regular pack

Loose tea in a resealable pack. Refill your caddy! 30 cups (40g)

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AWAKE TEA • large pack

Loose tea in a resealable pack. Perfect for caterers and tea devotees: 200 cups (200g).

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This delicious infusion will help you to get up and go! The great taste and cleansing freshness of mint will revitalize you, and fruity hibiscus will stimulate your tastebuds and clear your head. Echinacea is traditionally used as an immune-system booster and cold and flu remedy, while pepper and ginger are natural stimulants thought to help your body release endorphins. For more benefits of hibiscus flower tea, see below.

Our tea blend

I blended this tea after a request by a Scottish pig farmer – see the story! This is a herbal energy tea to get you moving in the morning. Strong, fresh flavours and a beautiful ruby colour give it plenty of satisfying body, and there’s a touch of ginger and pepper to perk up your senses and give you a tasty buzz. And all caffeine-free!



Mint, hibiscus, echinacea, thyme, verbascum, ginger, black pepper.


Great Taste Award 2015

Black Pepper

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Echinacea icon

Echinacea gets its name from the echinos, the Greek word for hedgehog – referring to the appearance of its prickly seed head.


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Fresh ginger is so rich in vitamin C that 5th century Chinese mariners ate it to ward off scurvy.


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In Jamaica, hibiscus tea is a traditional Christmas drink, served with fruit cake or potato pudding.
Hibiscus tea is the national drink of Senegal, where it’s known as bissap.


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Mint gets its name from Greek mythology. Minthe the water nymph was caught seducing Hades, the ruler of the underworld, and was turned into a mint plant by his jealous wife, Persephone.


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how to brew loose leaf teahow to enjoy our tea

1 mug first thing in the morning to perk you up, then enjoy all through the day.


Tip: Make a big pot in the morning, and pop the extra into your water bottle or thermos mug to take to work. Or simply pop in the fridge (remove the herbs) and serve cold. Great for hill-walking and endurance.




Want to know more about hibiscus tea?

Lots of us are familiar with mint tea from the garden – the heady scent of crushed peppermint and lavender is a summer-long favourite. But what about hibiscus? Can such a beautiful flower really be tasty, too?


In fact, hibiscus tea is enjoyed all over the world, for its excellent health benefits, gorgeous ruby colour, tanginess and flavour. It goes by many different names, including rosella or roselle (South America), red sorrel, Jamaican sorrel, Agua de Jamaica (Caribbean), sour tea (Iran), bissap (Senegal, and karkade (Egypt, Sudan). In the Middle East it is drunk as a ‘panacea’ for all ills.


If you haven’t yet switched on to the global phenomenon that is hibiscus tea, now’s the time

medical herb Research

Here’s an overview of research on the versatile ruby magic of hibiscus


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Fruity and refreshing
Firstly great to meet you at the Cheltenham Food Festival Cindy, thanks for your advice! Our first try of your products, diffuser pot bought and loving this fresh and fruity blend!
Review by Jason / (Posted on 13/06/2017)

Drinking our tea is not a substitute for seeing a doctor.

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